Massimo's staff and tables of customers

About Massimos

Walking into Massimo's Pizza & Pasta restaurant, the first thing that will catch your eye are the family photos that line the wall. Some show the evolution of Izzy Pepic, the owner of Massimo's, as a young father recently moving from New York to Costa Mesa and sharing in his kids dreams of becoming professional athletes. Many others show off the incredibly talented athletes that come through Newport Harbor High School and have been a part of the Massimo's family since they were young.

In 1981, Izzy Pepic, a former taxi driver in New York, came to Costa Mesa with a simple goal – bring the New York style pizza he loves to California and find a grass field, instead of the concrete of New York, where his sons could learn to play and love the game of soccer in the same way he did as a youth.

Massimo's Pizza & Pasta has been in business as a family-style restaurant in Costa Mesa since 1981. From its door step, Massimo's has witnessed the incredible growth of 17th street. With firm roots in the community, Massimo's has served customers that span across three generations, and for many of them Massimo's is a part of their Orange County lifestyle.

Massimo's would not be able to continue to share our dream of offering great Italian food without the loyal customers that have shared in this journey with our family. As we look toward the future, we are excited to welcome and serve future generations of Massimo's customers while still being a family-owned and family operated restaurant. Izzy and the boys are always working hard to serve the finest Italian food and we thank all of our customers for continuing the tradition of family values and good food.